Tuesday, January 8, 2019


added nevermind the clown and crown of extinction to gamejolt, so you can get them there if you are so inclined to. I've been working with a live-action project at the moment alongside the contaminos and abandale games which I hope will all tie in together. the live action project is actually running live now if you can find it.
As for my games, it's a lot of heavy work alongside the other things but I hope they will pick up sooner.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It lies heavy

So roughly a month later I've kicked out Crown Of Extinction: The Four Horses.
Thankfully it didn't feel like such a chore as Nevermind The Clown which was spread out
over two months with it's own issues and delays.
I was asked if this was an enhanced version of the demo but it isn't.
The demo is cannon because “alternate universe/ it's a simulation/ it's a hallucination.”
Before I wind back over excited narrative threads, Nevermind The Clown
and Crown Of Extinction are kind of happening at the same time
so it's not a sequel either technically.
Speaking of Nevermind The Clown, I am planning update
called “Nevermind The Clown: Bounce!” which is going to get about 10% more storytime, extra gameplay mechanics along with some extra levels. The ability to bounce off walls was always included in the original games but now this will be more a more important feature. 
Not to be confused with the planned sequel “Nevermind: Dimensions”
The Contaminos project is still going well, but I have to remain tight lipped for now. 
I'll catch you next time.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mystery Murder Party

So the highlights from my Mystery Murder Party showcase special included the new demo for a new game I'm working on called Abandale and a trailer for an upcoming double game called The Contaminos.

 Abandale is envisioned as an evolving experience with regular updates intended to flesh out the Town's story, history and shift the environment periodically like changing seasons. 

 I also gently pointed out The Nevermind has been successfully patched from Alpha. We had Nevermind The Clown which was the first version but with so many new updates and changes the game was down for a while and it made sense to me to change up the look both visual and conceptual. 

 The Contaminos is especially exciting because it is inspired by a very influential series which involves monster catching...except these monsters are trying to catch you. It's going to be great fun. Like my first game Crown Of Extinction it will be a run and dodge survival horror but with a bit more of an open world feel to it and a lot of different ways to explore this vast desolate environment.   

And finally speaking of Crown I am announcing that Crown Of Extinction is being remade. The reason is that the map from the original is just way too big and I can't edit or add on content without the whole thing crashing, so instead of fixing what I have I can commit to a smoother version while still keeping the best parts from the original.


added nevermind the clown and crown of extinction to gamejolt, so you can get them there if you are so inclined to. I've been working wi...